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Welcome to My darkest fantasies.


I thrive in the cerebral and perverse. I love weaving concepts and symbolism into My practice of kink.


Here, I offer a unique way to experience a BDSM scene. I have listed below high-concept sessions that explore specific theories and ideas. These are sessions that I have crafted as an immersive, dark and theatrical experience - part BDSM session, part performance art piece.  

Essentially though, these are considered role-play scenarios that I have developed in advance. Your hard limits will be respected, but otherwise your fate lies entirely in My hands.

The selection below is not final, and will likely grow as My ideas evolve. 

These sessions will attract an additional $200 fee for set-up, and will require a 50% deposit. I will only be able to accommodate one high-concept session per week.

Note that these experiences are not for the faint of heart, and may be considered a form of edge play x







You know you are being watched. You are bound, your every small movement, observed and monitored. You cannot see your captor, but you know they are there. How do you cope with the unequal gaze of surveillance. Can you feel it creep into your being. The digital panopticon manifest. Unsettling and discreet. Observation alone may not be sufficient. Power is both productive and repressive. Controlling you might require a firmer hand. 

2-3 hours





Society punishes those who break the rules. You will be stripped bare, interrogated, broken down. You find yourself behind bars. Your freedom, dignity, and personhood taken away. The system will fuck you, and fuck with you. Authority will abuse. Rejecting the trajectory of penal subjection, torture is fully embraced as a method of punishment. The mercy seat is waiting. Feel the rush of the edge, and then calming peace.

4-8 hours

Available for doubles with Mistress Audrey Fatale





Enter the dreamscape, where the uncanny and eroticism converge. An unsettling lynchian drama that explores the strange, illogical, and disturbed. Deep dive into the unconscious. Here, absurdism reigns. There is no distinction between good and bad, pleasure from pain. Release yourself from social conventions of the acceptable. Lean in you might loose your mind. Reality is meaningless - what is reality, really? 

3-4 hours








The kill room. A liminal space where meaning collapses. This is a room of calm, calculated horror. Plastic sheets coat the walls. Your body a canvas for the most exquisite forms of torture and transformation. Bodily fluids are extracted and fucked with. Disgust is made erotic. Corporeal reality clashes with the Symbolic. 

2-3 hours 

Available for doubles with Mistress Audrey Fatale

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