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I offer in-person sessions by the hour. All sessions require negotiation to establish mutual interest areas. My interest areas in BDSM can be found under 'Offerings'. Sessions are most typically held at My Collingwood studio, however I can also accommodate sessions at 5-star hotels depending on the interest areas. Session rates can be found under 'Tribute'. 



Extended engagements incorporate both session time and social time. I offer dinner dates, overnights, as well as full-day and weekend away experiences. Longer engagements may be more fluid in terms of transitioning from social time, service time and play time. Extended engagements with the exception of dinner dates are reserved for those already known to Me. Extended engagement rates may be found under 'Tribute'. 



Objectification engagements involve less interaction, and for this reason I offer them at a lower price point. Human furniture might involve serving as My footstool as I read for an hour. or perhaps as a coffee table to hold the drinks of a friend and I as we enjoy each other's company. Extended bondage will undoubtedly involve some initial interaction to get you into place, but then you will be left to enjoy your captivity. I will remain in the room during this time, unless we have negotiated a lock-and-leave (cage only). Human canvas on the other hand, tends to be more hands on, as I use your body to create, though expect a limited D/s dynamic. I may prefer silence as I concentrate or causal chat. Rates for objectification engagements may be found under 'Tribute'. 



Distance engagements may fall into two categories; virtual sessions and extended arrangements. I offer both text and video call sessions. Themes may vary depending on our mutual interests. Alternatively I offer extended arrangements, typically chastity, however I also like to assign submissive tasks and devotional practices. 

You may engage with Me directly for more structured play, or through My fan sites Onlyfans and Loyalfans for more fluid engagement. See links at footer of this page. 


I have a number of submissives, slaves, pups and pets who serve Me in a lifestyle capacity. This privilege is afforded only to My most trustworthy, loyal and devoted; an opportunity that must be earned and is therefore not available to all. While you are welcome to express interest, I will initiate an arrangement only if I believe you to be suitable. No tribute is required for lifestyle arrangements, though financial contributions in support of My lifestyle and practice is welcomed.


I offer mentorship to industry peers and lifestyle Dommes who want to expand their knowledge and skills. I do not offer formal apprenticeships - only the opportunity to gain further perspective or specific skills. I offer two categories of mentorship engagement; a casual chat to ask questions (though I will prepare some notes in advance) and hands on skill specific training (I will organise a practice bottom).

I only offer PAID mentorship. Please refer to 'Tribute' for My rates. 

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